The Foundation for Mathematical Talents in Zala has been operating since 1993 with its priorities being caring for mathematical talents and building a talent network. The Foundation has developed a unique model in the country, as its structured talent management programme spans the whole age spectrum starting with the motivation activity for kindergarten age group up to the "mathematical scientist" courses,. Well-established forms of activites - motivation and talent discovering competitions, math study groups and professional workshops, summer talent management trainings-, international and domestic competitions are performed nationwide. The Kangaroo Mathematics Competition in Hungary under the umbrella of the international organization the Kangourou Sans Frontières International is organized by the Foundation. Our aim is discovering talents, supporting and developing talent seedlings at regional level, awaking interest in a broad range of natural sciences with the help of mentors. Involving Hungarian schools abroad in competitions and camps, as well as organizing methodological conferences and workshops for the development of professional teachers help to achieve these goals. For us it is important to prepare the teachers for talent management and to support their work, which is performed by organizing accredited teacher training programs and publication of professional papers. The year 2011 was an important milestone, when upon the initiative of the Foundation the Nagykanizsa and its Area Talent Support Council was established, aiming to involve non-teaching professionals into talent management and increasing the social acceptance of talent management programmes this way. In our complex talent management approach we also focus on strengthening weak competences of the participants - communication, self-awareness, conflict resolution, social competencies- involving developer teachers and psychologists. The personality development trainings and developer games are an important part of the complex program. With the introduction of successful professionals and researchers we would like to awake interest in science and engineering and to help the career choice.

To sum up our activities in some numbers, our Foundation reaches 41,100 students, 1,350 math teachers and 600 parents through the programs in a year. In details, at the "Kangaroo" competition 40,000 students participate supported by 1,200 teachers. The summer camp is organized for 170 students together with our foreign exchange students and 35 teachers and professional developers. In our parent-child programs there are nearly 100 parents involved. At the county secondary school math competition there are on average 300 (325 this year) students and 45 teachers participating each year. At the Kalmár competition about 500 primary school students and 70 teachers compete. In our study groups 8 teachers and professional developers work together with 120 primary school students. On an annual basis about 500 parents are participating in our presentations.

To enrich and to supplement development of mathematical talents we organize programmes and workshops in some other talent areas as well, most notably in arts and informatics. We support the preparation for talent development and development activities by an accredited specialized teacher’s training programme, 3 registered best practices and 31 own professional publications. We also perform operative tasks related to Nagykanizsa and Area Talent Support programme.